Saturday 27 February 2016

tcworld India 2016

The 6th annual tcworld India conference took place earlier this week in Bangalore.  It's fantastic to see a tech comms conference that's popular, well-attended and growing each year.   

You can find the full program of workshops, lectures and discussion here (web) or here (pdf).  Sarah Maddox, whose work I've mentioned before, was a keynote speaker, and she also blogged about the sessions she attended.  Here's a list of her recent blog posts to help you find the things that gets you going:

There were many other interesting-looking sessions according to the program, but thus far no further downloads or videos that I could find.  Hopefully the organisers will put up more, and the bloggers and vloggers that attended will start uploading things.  In the meantime, Sarah's posts are a great starting point.

If you find anything interesting from tcworld India 2016, especially transcripts or videos of any of the sessions, please share them in the comments.

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